Traditional archery

In early 2020 my archery practice had almost ground to a complete stop. Nearly a year later that slide has definitely been reversed. In that time I’ve moved from one pseudo-trad archery tradition to another which is a little bit more actually trad.

Out with the laminated American flatbows (a 20th century invention – good one mind you) which work a bit like longbows but with arrow shelves – in with things often (incorrectly) called ‘horsebows’ – Asiatic reflex bows made in the form of medieval Ottoman designs, but with modern material and techniques (laminated, some epoxy resin involved, reconstituted horn and sinew, etc.). Instead of the familiar Western (Mediterranean) draw with 3 fingers on the string and arrow on the inside (left side if you’re righthanded), now it’s thumb draw and the arrow is on the outside.

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