Eco-friendly local printing right here in Castlemaine on beautiful unbleached 150gsm recycled paper. The texture is just right for the images in my slender little volume. Thank you Print Together It’s a photographic zine – 16 images taken at dusk or at night around Kyneton. First seen during 2018 as #kynetonafterdark on IG. It’sContinue reading “THAT WAS QUICK! THE ZINE HAS LANDED …”


In May last year I blogged about replacing the head on my Manfrotto 055PROB aluminium tripod with relatively inexpensive Sirui levelling base and panning head parts. As opposed to junking the whole thing and buying a new expensive tripod. That has proven to be a great improvement, and it’s such a better experience usingContinue reading “TRIPOD RENOVATION COMPLETE …”


Or, a short photographic history of Lawrie Conole, and a mini review of the Sigma SD Quattro camera PART 1 I’ve been on the journey from film to digital a few times over the years. You’d think by now I might have worked out where I want to be on the photographic spectrum, between completelyContinue reading “FROM FILM TO DIGITAL – FOUR TIMES & COUNTING”

“Sakura” 1/10 – currently in exhibition in the 2019 ILFORD CCP Salon at the Centre for Contemporary Photography

I finally got motivated to get something printed and into a competition/exhibition. This image “Sakura” is one from a series I’ve been working on for a while now, in a side road near Guildford in Central Victoria. The landscape here has been ravaged by the gold rush, and subsequent grazing, drought … to the pointContinue reading ““Sakura” 1/10 – currently in exhibition in the 2019 ILFORD CCP Salon at the Centre for Contemporary Photography”

Upgrading my trusty tripod

OK, I’m talking about tripod heads. There are a few reasons why it matters to me and might be relevant to anyone else: Some classic lenses are really heavy (–> tripod) Some people use classic lenses to stitch panoramic landscapes together (–> tripod) I have a near classic set of tripod legs and it’s onlyContinue reading “Upgrading my trusty tripod”

An unexpected left turn

The Industar 50mm lens is a year older than me, and the Zorki-4 camera it’s attached to is a year younger. Inside, a roll of CineStill BWxx 250 film. Does that mean the photos are going to look like scenes from ‘Raging Bull’ or ‘Stranger Than Paradise’ – both shot on the parent Double-X cinematicContinue reading “An unexpected left turn”

Use a new lens for a change …

Just occasionally I need to be reminded of aspects of the 21st century that I generally ignore. For a change yesterday I used the auto focus zoom lens that is the native kit lens on my Micro Four Thirds camera. It’s light, the auto focus is a novelty, it makes quite presentable images.  It alsoContinue reading “Use a new lens for a change …”