The pendulum might eventually settle near the middle again – photography and archery

For a while there in 2018-19 I got completely obsessed with putting vintage lenses on the front of a modern digital camera, and everything was fair game to be photographed. At that time my Falco Storm flatbow was getting a lot less attention than it deserved, and consequently I was getting a bit less archery/meditationContinue reading “The pendulum might eventually settle near the middle again – photography and archery”


In May last year I blogged about replacing the head on my Manfrotto 055PROB aluminium tripod with relatively inexpensive Sirui levelling base and panning head parts. As opposed to junking the whole thing and buying a new expensive tripod. That has proven to be a great improvement, and it’s such a better experience usingContinue reading “TRIPOD RENOVATION COMPLETE …”


Or, a short photographic history of Lawrie Conole, and a mini review of the Sigma SD Quattro camera PART 1 I’ve been on the journey from film to digital a few times over the years. You’d think by now I might have worked out where I want to be on the photographic spectrum, between completelyContinue reading “FROM FILM TO DIGITAL – FOUR TIMES & COUNTING”

Upgrading my trusty tripod

OK, I’m talking about tripod heads. There are a few reasons why it matters to me and might be relevant to anyone else: Some classic lenses are really heavy (–> tripod) Some people use classic lenses to stitch panoramic landscapes together (–> tripod) I have a near classic set of tripod legs and it’s onlyContinue reading “Upgrading my trusty tripod”

An unexpected left turn

The Industar 50mm lens is a year older than me, and the Zorki-4 camera it’s attached to is a year younger. Inside, a roll of CineStill BWxx 250 film. Does that mean the photos are going to look like scenes from ‘Raging Bull’ or ‘Stranger Than Paradise’ – both shot on the parent Double-X cinematicContinue reading “An unexpected left turn”