The inaugural Australian menzil archery flight shooting event. Yapeen, Victoria, 26-27 November 2022

The kernel of an idea Over the second half of 2022 I had been contemplating finding an area large enough for me and a few friends to do some archery flight shooting. Generally that means somewhere big, remote and safe enough where you can aim for the sky and see how far you can sendContinue reading “The inaugural Australian menzil archery flight shooting event. Yapeen, Victoria, 26-27 November 2022”

Catching up with an old friend

Today I had the pleasure of introducing a new friend to an old friend. After the massive winter storm of 2021 in central Victoria, the forest roads were closed for a very long time as tens of thousands of trees had been blown down by the cyclonic winds. This whole area is also scheduled toContinue reading “Catching up with an old friend”

Bow speed – when hunches and bias get a reality check

It’s a good thing that out and out speed is not the most important characteristic of a bow in the pursuit of traditional archery. But everyone gets a bit of a thrill out of a fast bow – don’t they? It’s also the case that perceptions about bow speed are captive to a number ofContinue reading “Bow speed – when hunches and bias get a reality check”

Self portrait meets archery kit from Ukraine

The source of most of my archery kit is a group of artisans in Hungary, but there’s a solid subset from Ukraine. Recently I agreed to get the camera out and put a few bits of the Ukrainian kit together in an archery selfie to send to Sarmat. So here they are … All theContinue reading “Self portrait meets archery kit from Ukraine”

Accuracy in archery – bow or archer?

As I threatened to do in the previous blog, I did go out to the forest with a handful of bows to test if in switching from one to the other the accuracy varied much. The video is a bit rough and ready. Wind noise just about obliterates my commentary from time to time, andContinue reading “Accuracy in archery – bow or archer?”

“This bow is so accurate” – really?

I’ve often heard product reviewers of traditional archery bows, or enthusiastic new bow owners, exclaim “… this bow is so accurate …“. I’m guilty of the same thing myself. But recently I’ve been mixing up the bows I shoot on a rapid rotation, and it has prompted me to question what appears to be theContinue reading ““This bow is so accurate” – really?”

Making videos is bad for my archery form!

I enjoy the process of making cinematic looking videos with traditional archery as the focus. Facts of the matter though, for the last 20 months of intermittent COVID lockdowns, the only regularly available archer has been me. Almost inevitably, one of the first things I notice when I watch back video of me shooting aContinue reading “Making videos is bad for my archery form!”

Out with the old, in with the new – traditional archery bows for sale

This blog is about transition, but if you read on, that’ll probably be obvious and I most likely didn’t need to say so. For a few years now, more or less since childhood but with breaks of varying duration, I’ve been an archer. Always with relatively simple stick bows of one sort or another. BroadlyContinue reading “Out with the old, in with the new – traditional archery bows for sale”