Self portrait meets archery kit from Ukraine

The source of most of my archery kit is a group of artisans in Hungary, but there’s a solid subset from Ukraine. Recently I agreed to get the camera out and put a few bits of the Ukrainian kit together in an archery selfie to send to Sarmat.

So here they are …

All the bits and pieces in these images are from the Sarmat company in Ukraine. Bow (Varang Lux, Viking longbow), arrows (bamboo) and quiver (leather back quiver) from Sarmat Archery. Vyshyvanka shirt from Sarmat Crafts.

And yes, I am thumb-shooting the longbow! Being styled as it is on a Viking longbow, it might be historically accurate to draw it either the eastern or western way, in keeping with the diverse cultural contacts and traditions of the Vikings. Either way, as a shelf-less bow, it lends itself well to the longer draw that thumb-shooting allows.

Beautifully made gear at very reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

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Dad | Ecologist | Photographer & trad archer every other chance | Here I mix snapshots with intentional fine art. Landscapes, buildings, dogs.

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