Accuracy in archery – bow or archer?

As I threatened to do in the previous blog, I did go out to the forest with a handful of bows to test if in switching from one to the other the accuracy varied much.

The video is a bit rough and ready. Wind noise just about obliterates my commentary from time to time, and I forgot to turn auto focus off, so there’s a bit of focus hunting buzz as well.

But the five bows got a run, and it did feel like my technique was pretty even across the board. Looking back I think the Szimeiszter Tatar probably got the best result, and it is a great target shooting bow. But really there wasn’t much between them, despite differences in design, draw weight, etc.

Enjoy it for what it’s worth – a bit of fun. Leave some commentary if you feel so inclined …

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Dad | Ecologist | Photographer & trad archer every other chance | Here I mix snapshots with intentional fine art. Landscapes, buildings, dogs.

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