Making the digital tactile, rev2

A year or so ago (pandemic time – could be either really?) I self-published a small photographic zine of mostly night-time images taken in Kyneton when I lived there. I think I printed about 50 and half are gone.

Now it’s 2021, we’ve had two years of rolling COVID lockdowns, and my computer’s hard drive is groaning under the weight of images captured in or near Castlemaine during that time.

Inspired by something that Sean Tucker said on one of his YouTube homilies, I decided recently to make a ‘fancy zine’ or a ‘little book’ rather than a monograph, with a fairly loose theme around ‘what I saw in that year’.

So here we are. It’s the end of 2021 and the COVID lockdown strictures are being stripped away with rude haste. I think it’s time to look back.

Using the somewhat ostentatious Latin title ‘CASTLEMAINE – DUPLEX ANNUS HORRIBILIS, PARS I – 2020‘, it’s basically part one of the double horrible year. But despite all of the horror of a pandemic, of which I’m in no hurry to trivialise, the landscape stayed beautiful. Occasionally terrible and raw, but always beautiful.

Stay tuned for when it goes on sale! 🙂

Published by MikrokosmFotos

Dad | Ecologist | Photographer & trad archer every other chance | Here I mix snapshots with intentional fine art. Landscapes, buildings, dogs.

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