Use a new lens for a change …

Just occasionally I need to be reminded of aspects of the 21st century that I generally ignore.

For a change yesterday I used the auto focus zoom lens that is the native kit lens on my Micro Four Thirds camera. It’s light, the auto focus is a novelty, it makes quite presentable images.  It also eats the battery rather quickly! I think generally my old Russian prime film lenses are sharper, and certainly produce a much nicer quality of ‘out of focus’ in the background – and with no electronics in the lens the battery lasts all day.  Maybe if I was wealthy enough to be using the Leica modern auto focus zoom equivalents I’d be a bit less Luddite? Fortunately the post processing grunt of DarkTable (magnificent Free Open Source Software) recovers a nice enough image after I accidentally set and left the ISO on 1600 …

Anderson’s Mill, Smeaton. (Lumix GH3 camera, Lumix 12-60mm kit lens)

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Dad | Ecologist | Photographer & trad archer every other chance | Here I mix snapshots with intentional fine art. Landscapes, buildings, dogs.

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