Why am I here?

I’ve been making photographs for about 45 years now. I learnt my craft on old Pentax and Olympus 35mm film cameras. Ran a darkroom and scientific photography studio for a while. Took lots of travel and nature photos until about the year 2000. From there a bit of a non-photography period, taking family shots with compact digital cameras and phones for a while. More recently I’ve gotten back into photography with gusto.

I use Micro Four Thirds digital cameras but exclusively vintage manual lenses. I’m particularly fond of lenses made in the USSR in the mid 20th century, based largely on pre-WW2 optical engineering designs by Zeiss at Jena.  I find that they allow me to produce images of great character and warmth that I can’t really replicate with modern computer designed, manufactured and operated lenses.

If I have any photographic heroes, it’s probably the fairly obvious Ansel Adams and Edward Weston amongst others, reflecting my bias for landscape and still life microcosms. That said, there are lots of contemporary photographers that occasionally inspire me too.

I use the Mikrokosm Fotos byline to reflect my predilection for the wide-field sampling that I typically do with a camera, and with the Russian words a nod to the old USSR-made lenses that I use and love. Only a little bit pretentious!

And so – I enjoy photographing buildings, dogs, and slices of landscape and still life.  And other miscellaneous images that present themselves.

Anything you see on my webpage exists in high resolution form in my image collection, and I’m more than happy to either sell images, or be commissioned to make you some new ones.

Drop me a line.

Published by MikrokosmFotos

Dad | Ecologist | Photographer & trad archer every other chance | Here I mix snapshots with intentional fine art. Landscapes, buildings, dogs.

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